You know it and we know it.
Your organizations’ needs change constantly.

This could be due to internal growth, outside regulatory rules or even your own desire to improve operational and reporting efficiency.

What may have been the most appropriate software implementation five years ago may now be outdated and hindering your ability to track and provide information in a timely fashion.  This is where we come in, we start with a plan so you’ll have one when we’re done.

A simple yet cost-effective first step towards realizing your organization’s goals, a software system review will help identify areas that can be improved, such as your chart of accounts structure.  Not only do we examine all of the current software modules and features your organization is using, but also by talking with you and your staff to help uncover current deficiencies, we can recommend utilizing additional features in the software that you didn’t know were there or even additional products that may be available.



NPT provides expert, certified implementation of Abila’s industry leading nonprofit software, Abila MIP Fund Accounting and Fundraising 50. NPT is also the publisher of Workforce Productivity Suite, a trio of complimentary products to Abila MIP Fund Accounting for the workforce industry.



Most organizations have IT departments, some bigger and more capable than others. At the very least, if an organization does not have an in-house IT department than those services are usually outsourced to a 3rd Party. Whatever the case, NPT’s technology services can be a great supplement to any project that you might be planning to undertake.



The NonProfit Technologies cloud is the #1 cloud for your Abila products…GUARANTEED. Our engineers have spent thousands of hours adding features to our already industry leading cloud. We listened to our clients’ feedback and we are proud to announce the launch of the exciting new features you have asked for.