Secure, Powerful, Always On.

You no longer have to build and maintain a capital-intensive computing infrastructure to run applications. With NonProfit Technologies’ Cloud Services, you can lower your costs by paying only for what you use, enjoy seamless and painless patches and upgrades in functionality and securely access these applications from any device, anywhere. Let NonProfit Technologies maintain the day to day operations of running applications, freeing your IT staff to manage your strategic initiatives that drive your missions’ success.



You need peace of mind and so do your donors and other stakeholders. Nothing less than a state-of-the-art data center will do, and that’s what NPT offers.

Always on, 24/7/365
Our cloud environment is monitored 24/7/365 by a team of experts who make sure your system is properly configured and up-to-date at all times.


Disaster Recovery

You can “expect the unexpected” but you can’t always predict exactly what problem will come along.

With NPT’s cloud hosting services, it doesn’t matter. Whatever circumstances or conditions occur, we guarantee immediate access to your systems and data.


Enhanced Performance

With NPT’s cloud hosting, you are always leveraging the best available technology.

Example: Our SQL servers use solid state drive (SSD’s) arrays to ensure maximum performance and redundancy.This redundancy supports enhanced system performance and you experience very little, if any, downtime associated with server access.


Remote Access

These days, working from home or while traveling doesn’t represent the special case—it’s standard operating procedure for many organizations.

With NPT’s cloud-based hosting, your web browser puts your data and applications at your fingertips, no matter where you are.


Always Up-To-Date

Getting your hardware and software installed and configured properly is only the beginning.

Staying current with updates is time-consuming for your IT team and can be disruptive to your daily business. Let NPT handle it and we’ll ensure updates are taken care of during off-hours and with plenty of advance notice to you.


Moving is Easy

Change can be hard but moving your data to NPT’s cloud hosting service is easy.

All we need is your product key(s) and user list. We will then provision your private virtual server in our secure data center. Next, we will conduct a user orientation session for your users so they can test-drive the system. Once you are comfortable with the hosted system, one of our team members will work with you to move your data to the cloud system. We work with you in every step of the process.


Time & Cost Savings

Even small organizations discover that hosting their own applications and data is not a small undertaking.

Whether you have an internal IT department or rely on outside support, someone has to install and maintain the hardware and software, stay current on updates, monitor security tools and ensure effective protocols are in place to address problems. All of that takes considerable time and money and can be a challenge for budgetary planning. With NPT’s cloud hosting service, you know what it will cost ahead of time and your internal IT resources can stay focused on your core mission.



When it comes to teamwork, geography is dead. (And time zones aren’t looking too healthy!)

Cloud hosting enables all of your users to access your system and data files, and work together effectively and seamlessly, regardless of where they happen to be


Supported Applications

NPT’s private cloud hosting is available for…

  • Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software
  • Abila Fundraising 50 (FR50)
  • Abila Grant Management
  • Microix Workflow Modules
  • Drillpoint Reports
  • Sage Abra and FAS
  • and more.