Consulting Services


Consulting Services

Support the way it should be. Friendly, knowledgable and there when you need it. We’ve always got your back.

Wether your IT setup is pre-existing or installed by us, we support it.

Think about it. If it’s time to upgrade your accounting software, would you be more comfortable with your IT staff doing it, who may have limited knowledge about the product, or a team of professionals who deal with and interact with the software you use on a daily basis? Not to mention that our professionals have access to a far-reaching in-depth support and assistance network in addition to their own experiences.

Whether you are planning on putting in a brand new network or network infrastructure, backup system or even just implementing a new software product, NPT can get you the assistance you need.

IT managers, consultants and clients alike will all tell you the same story. Stick with the experts. The efficiency, quality, and piece of mind that comes along with engaging professionals to do the job right can’t be beat. NPT…we are here to help.


The right design is key to getting the most out of your system. Our experienced staff has performed 100s of implementation and will help you avoid the pitfalls and share best practices..
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Classroom User

  • Training in selected cities at different times throughout the year
  • Custom on site – Especially effective on new implementation with a large accounting staff
  • Classroom web trainings on select modules: MIP bootcamp, budget workshop’s, etc


Taking advantage of todays web conferencing, our training is tailored to the specific needs of your organization using your MIP database and focused on topics that matter to you.

Web training offers greater scheduling flexibility at a lower cost and the opportunity to learn in smaller chunks so you can absorb the material.

Software System

Have you ever wondered if you are using the software to its fullest potential? If so, then a system review will let you know. It is an in-depth comprehensive look at each and every aspect of the MIP fund accounting software. A detailed checklist is reviewed with the client that covers every module the clients owns and also explores other capabilities that may be needed. This analysis is used to form an improvement plan so that the organization understands how they can use MIP system more efficiently and effectively and be prepared for future releases. System reviews are not training but they typically result in identifying areas where training would be beneficial in order to maximize the use of MIP.


• Report Writing
• Data Conversions
• Import Services
• Programming
• Integration
• Custom consulting engagements
• Data integrity analysis